Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Victory for Peaceful Imperialism: On the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Believing that Western powers had a right and duty to force Iran to the negotiating table reflects the assumption that so many of us have taken for granted - that Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons.  Once we relax this assumption (through a willingness to question "evidence" produced by Mossad or terrorist groups), it becomes easier to see the nuclear talks for what they appear to be: an audacious - and successful - effort to bully Iran into dramatically scaling back its civilian nuclear program.  

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So, while I celebrate the agreement with Iran, it's because I'm forced to choose between peaceful and militaristic imperialism, and not because it frustrates Iran's supposed efforts to acquire the bomb (as the agreement is normally portrayed).  

Nevertheless, I may not celebrate for long, given congressional efforts to thwart the deal, the possibility that a president who prefers militarism over President Obama's peaceful imperialism will be elected in 2016, or the chance that a baseless accusation of Iranian non-compliance will be made (wouldn't this be a perfect pretext for aggression?).

photo credit: Secretary Kerry Sits with German, Chinese, European Union, French, British, and Russian Colleagues Before P5+1 Coordinating Meeting Amid Iranian Nuclear Negotiations in Switzerland via photopin (license)