Monday, October 17, 2016

God in the Old Testament

Fr. Lev Gillet, an Orthodox monk
Among those who wrongly reject God, it seems that there are many who do so for the right reasons - no god but a loving, just god is worthy of our adoration. They simply fail to see such a god in the Old Testament. But to look for Him through a literal reading is often like trying to find the root of a plant without looking beneath the earth.

"God is a devouring fire. But what kind of fire? A fire of anger, of punishment, of destruction, of vengeance? Certain passages in the Bible seem to tend towards this interpretation, but they are anthropomorphisms; they are human - excessively human - figures of speech. The whole of the great spiritual tradition of Christianity - that of the New Testament, of the Fathers of the Church, of the saints - sees in this divine fire, in the fire of the Burning Bush, in the fire which seems to have a passion for self-communication, the incandescent charity of the Lord, the incandescence indeed of his love."

- Fr. Lev Gillet