Friday, October 14, 2016

Reflections on Millennials After an Annoying Exchange With a Student

On one extreme, some self-righteously judge this generation as if they'd necessarily behave differently if they were born into it. On the other extreme, some overlook the serious problems of this generation for fear of being seen as old and out of touch.

I want to avoid both extremes. In many ways, America's future seems bleak because of this generation. However, I've long said that, since every generation is influenced by the one preceding it, older generations bear some of the responsibility for everything we judge about the Millennials. In most cases, a child who is narcissistic, materialistic, and disrespectful has similarly awful parents. What is true of individuals is, I think, true of generations.

So, here's my advice to fellow non-Millennials: Yes, let's humble ourselves. However, let's also recognize that we're totally doomed (okay, I was being semi-facetious with the last statement).