Sunday, November 18, 2007

Response from a Representative

Earlier this week I contacted my representative in order to express my opposition to House Resolution 568, which would essentially facilitate a military strike against Iran (ostensibly in response to its alleged nuclear weapons program). Although I was thankful to get a prompt response from him, I was so disappointed to see an elected member of Congress use such baseless, hostile rhetoric. To address just one of his statements:

"A nation such as Iran possessing a nuclear weapon would present an unimaginable threat to the United States..."

This statement creates the impression that Iran is in fact seeking nuclear weapons - a claim that even Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, appears reluctant to make. Indeed, the Obama Administration recently and subtly changed its rhetoric from opposing Iran's alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons to opposing its goal of acquiring nuclear weapons capability (translation: civilian nuclear power, the pursuit of which cannot be publicly condemned, as it is perfectly legal under international law).