Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tehran's "Last Chance"

Reuters reports that the U.S. "has asked Russia to inform Iran's leadership that forthcoming talks with six world powers over its nuclear program represents Tehran's 'last chance'."

And yet a new poll finds that nearly 70% of Americans prefer diplomacy over military action to deal with Iran's disputed nuclear program.

If this is indeed Iran's "last chance", then it seems reasonable to expect that efforts to persuade us about the necessity of war will be stepped up in the coming weeks or months, given the current unpopularity of the idea of war with Iran. And those who aspire to change our minds with new "evidence" of Iran's evil-doings may be motivated by the fact that "a majority [already] shows a readiness to support a more limited use of military force against an Iranian nuclear weapons program, assuming that the existence of the program is established" [emphasis added].