Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Evaluating Health Care Systems

From the fact that we’re all imperfect follows the logical conclusion that the organizations we manage are also imperfect.  That’s why it’s a fallacy to focus on the imperfections of a particular health care system (e.g., in Cuba or the U.S.) and conclude, on account of these imperfections, that the system is less desirable than others (we can similarly say that it’s absurd to focus only on the praiseworthy aspects of a particular health care system, as one of my students correctly pointed out).  After all, reasoning in this manner presupposes that alternative health care systems are perfect, which, as I already established, can’t be true.  In other words, the logical question is not which health care system is perfect, but which one is less imperfect than another.  

Here’s a comedic look at the imperfections of our own health care system.