Friday, April 18, 2014

Thoughts on My Latest Birthday

Many of us will eventually reach a point in our lives where birthdays become less of an occasion for celebration, and more of a reminder that we are aging. The sadness or fear that this reminder evokes points to the basic contradiction of fallen human existence: that we seek to satisfy our desire for undying happiness in a dying world. 
Since the true source of happiness is not yet visible to us, we are ignorant or doubtful of its very existence, or believe that we have tapped into this source simply by professing belief in its existence. But it does exist – buried beneath layers of self-centered attachments. If we regard Death as a teacher and commit to memory her lesson that we must look beyond this world for everlasting happiness, then we will be encouraged to dig deeper and deeper. And however difficult the journey may be at times, we will be reminded that what lies beneath is incomparably greater than any transient, earthly joy.